Dr. Marshall Hoffer DMD, Prosthodontist

Dr. Marshall Hoffer

Dr. Hoffer is from Winnipeg and graduated from the University of Manitoba Dental School in 1972 and has worked as a general dentist in Thompson and Winnipeg.

He was inspired by a lecture at the Western Canadian Dental Meeting in 1974 on Prosthodontics. In 1976, he returned to school pursuing post graduate education in Prosthodontics at the State University of New York in Buffalo.

Dr. Hoffer returned to Winnipeg in 1978 and started the 1st private practice of Prosthodontics in Manitoba.

In 1984, Dr Hoffer attended the 1st Nobel Biocare Implant training in North America and began treating Implant patients in 1985. Dr. Hoffer has extensive experience in Implant dentistry, Crown and Bridge Restoration, Complete and Partial Denture Treatment.

When not at work, he can be found spending time with his grandchildren, cooking, trying different types of cuisine and golfing.

Dr. Hoffer is dedicated to providing excellent dental care for his patients in a supportive and efficient environment.