A glimpse into the sinus lift procedure, courtesy of Winnipeg MB specialists

Specialists in rebuilding teeth, gums, and other oral structures, ClearCare’s board-certified periodontist Dr. Hoda Hosseini is an expert in advanced techniques to lift barriers for getting the treatment you need. To adequately support dental implants, for instance, sufficient bone must be present. A sinus lift at ClearCare Periodontal & Implant Centre may be what our specialists order to build up bone in the upper jaw, near the back teeth.

Treatable cases

Your ability to get dental implants may hinge on the sinus lift or sinus augmentation procedure. If you are missing teeth toward the back of your mouth in the upper jaw, our specialists may recommend this treatment. Generally, there is limited bone between the molars and the sinus cavity. Supportive bone can further deteriorate in this area due to tooth loss. We can lift the sinus membrane and “augment” bone in the area, creating adequate height and width to support the implants that further support the crowns, bridges, and dentures that restore the appearance and structure of your teeth.

What to expect

After consulting you, our doctors may recommend the sinus lift or augmentation to “prepare” the treatment site to successfully “accept” the implant. We can discuss the specifics with you, including options for enhanced comfort during treatment. Generally, there are two techniques that may be employed to build up supportive bony tissue near the sinus cavity:

  • Lateral – One of our specialists opens the gums near the sinus and places donor bone underneath the sinus membrane. After this access area is closed, the implant may be placed right away, or we may recommend that the bone integrates for a few months before placing any implants. We will discuss the specific materials that are available or that are best to stimulate more bone and replace lost bone during your visit.
  • Crestal – Right before the implant is inserted, the bony material is placed underneath the sinus membrane through an opening. This approach might be appropriate for patients with sufficient or minimal bone height that require greater height for optimal support of the implant.

For more details about the process that is right for you, schedule an appointment at ClearCare Periodontal & Implant Centre at (204) 421-9236.