Surgery options to treat root exposure and prevent tooth loss in Winnipeg, MB

A healthy tooth is not “too exposed,” nor is it too concealed. A tooth that does not develop properly may become “stuck” underneath the gums. These impacted teeth must be exposed through other means. Tooth exposure starts with an evaluation of your mouth to determine your needs and the best approach to restore oral health with a healthy appearance and functionality.

Impacted teeth

In some cases, teeth may not be sufficiently exposed. Notably, there is often not enough room for the last molars or wisdom teeth to erupt through the gums properly. These teeth may only break through the gums part-way, if at all. When these teeth become impacted, they push up against the gums and surrounding teeth. In turn, often intense pain arises, and neighboring teeth may be pushed out of alignment.

Root exposure/recession

The roots of your teeth are protected by gum tissue. However, many conditions can degrade the gums and weaken the enamel that also protects the nerve of your tooth. Tooth exposure can lead to sensitivity, pain, swelling, and inflammation, and infection that threatens the integrity of the teeth and gums. Our board-certified periodontist, Dr. Hoda Hosseini, and our experienced prosthodontist, Dr. Marshall Hoffer, can detect and help you manage the following factors that put you at an increased risk of developing root exposure:

  • Loss of gum tissue due to gum disease
  • Aggressive oral hygiene techniques that damage tissue, for instance, harsh brushing and flossing.
  • Bruxism or teeth-grinding that weakens teeth and supportive tissues.

Treatment options

Depending on what our specialists find during an examination, you may be a candidate for professional periodontal therapy to encourage tissue growth and healing. Alternatively, tissue may be taken from the roof of your mouth (or donor tissue) and transferred to re-grow recessed gums. Sometimes, surgical techniques may be employed to encourage partially erupted teeth to break through the gums properly. If your teeth do not respond to such guidance, we can discuss alternative options to resolve impaction and prevent damage to other teeth and other complications.

“Tooth exposure” can mean numerous different things. So, treatments can vary considerably from person to person. Call (204) 421-9236 to schedule an appointment at ClearCare Periodontal & Implant Centre to discuss your needs and options.