At ClearCare Periodontal & Implant Centre we are committed to your safety and care. We understand that periodontal procedures may cause discomfort or anxiety and so we take every possible step to provide you with a comfortable setting. We will ensure that you fully understand the diagnosis and the treatment plan that follow.

Your first visit with us will include:

  • Meeting our staff and our doctor.
  • A review of your medical and dental history by our specialist.
  • A complete clinical examination and any radiographs needed to formulate the correct diagnosis and your treatment plan.
  • Our specialist will then inform you of their findings. They will discuss your treatment options and timeline. It is important to us that you are absolutely clear and comfortable with your treatment so we take the necessary time to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.
  • You will be provided with an estimated cost for your treatment. If you have dental insurance, we can assist you by submitting your treatment cost estimate for a pre-approval. Your insurance company will then inform you of your coverage for the treatment plan.

On your appointment day, please ensure that you have the following personal information with you:

  • Any X-rays you may have from your referring dentist (if available).
  • A list of your current medications.
  • All the necessary dental insurance information that will help us process your claims.