One of the treatments offered at ClearCare Periodontal & Implant Centre is to correct gummy smiles to achieve a beautiful balanced smile

Why does my smile look so “gummy”?

Gums may overwhelm your teeth when too much of their soft tissue covers up the white hard tissue or crown that everyone sees above the gumline. This condition may arise due to how teeth, gums, and jaws develop; a very modest amount of excess tissue may make the gum line look out of proportion with the rest of your smile. The “parts” of a beautiful smile are generally in harmony with each other.

How can I get a more balanced smile?

Our board-certified periodontist, Dr. Hoda Hosseini may determine that a gingivectomy can minimize the “gumminess” of your smile. Excess soft tissue and sometimes underlying bone is removed or repositioned. The technique that is best suited for you depends on many factors such as the cause of the excess tissue, the condition of your mouth, and the position of the affected teeth. Sometimes, removing a small amount of tissue exposes sufficient teeth structure to achieve your desired smile.

If your smile has not always been gummy, this transformation may be due to wear and tear. Excess wear shortens the height of the teeth. You may need orthodontic treatment to push teeth into proper position, as this process also tends to shift teeth out of alignment. The structure of the tooth may be built up with aesthetic restorations. In such cases, our skilled and experienced prosthodontists, Dr. Marshall Hoffer and Dr. Charlene Solomon, specialize in rebuilding teeth.

What’s behind your gummy smile? Schedule an evaluation with one of our periodontists to restore your smile.

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